An Exclusive Social networking for Students, Professionals, Startups, and Companies through Skill Development, which tends to overall growth for career and business.

Share your ideas, innovation, and resources, and exchange your knowledge with other millennials.

Content Earning:
Earn money for the digital content that you create, whether it's text, posts, pages, images, or something else. 
create what you want and do what you love while earning money from people and brands worldwide.

Internship / Jobs:
Internship programs are opportunities for educational institutes to upgrade the student's enrollment and prepare their curriculum with hands-on practical work

Campus Connect:
It aims to create a platform for students to connect and collaborate with industry professionals. To upskill yourselves through and also explore entrepreneurship as a viable career option through SKillJo

Earn Money:
Earn money by just posting feed, followers, comments & reactions. Can get tips from other users and can send gifts

Find your new stuff with Marketplace today. Buy & sell books, clothing, etc with other skilljo users as per your needs.

 Refer & Earn:
Refer & Earn SkillJo provides an easy way to earn money. By simply inviting your friends, family, or acquaintances to join the app

Credit points:
        --  Tips
        --  Wallet
        --  Boost Post
        --  Subscribers
        --  Memberships
        --  Gifts to your friends
        --  For FanBase Content Creators
        --  Send & Receive points to your friends
        --  Earn money by just posting feed, followers,
             comments & reactions